The Morris Method Team

Morris Method Language Programs is an online language learning company with one singular purpose: to help our students gain fluency in their target language in the fastest, most effective, and most enjoyable way possible.  

Mikel Morris

Morris Method Visionary


As a successful linguist, lexicographer (he wrote the most-sold dictionary in the world for Basque-English), writer, translator, and fluent speaker of over 10 languages (all of which he taught himself), Mikel is the visionary behind the Morris Method for learning languages.

Central to his vision is a deceptively simple, yet wholly disruptive way of learning any language - and it's already helped thousands of students achieve fluency and transform their lives. 

Mazi Moinian

Chief Executive Officer


Whether it's managing the development of our ever-growing course creation operations, 
building teams that can tackle the growingly complex challenges of our little start-up, or just responding to customer emails at 2 a.m., Mazi is there.